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Full Version: Multiple ways to power your cars
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Swapping batteries is an easy and quick way to re-power your EV. However I wonder how practical it is to build so many such facilities so that they are close to where most drivers live or work. It is one extra way, other than the EV network, mobile charging, etc, to recharge your EV though.
Yeah, I'm not sure where they would be worth the infrastructure costs.

In a traveling roadtrip scenario, you'll likely stop at a rest stop for 15min or so at a minimum. Looking at the Voltage that Porsche plans to use, they can charge 80% or so in 15min. I don't think a battery swap is necessary in this case.

Someone at work could charge their car at the office, or given the range of these up-and-coming EVs, they should have plenty of juice assuming they charge at home each night.

A scenario might be someone on the road all day - sales, construction vehicles, delivery vehicles where they are constantly on the go who need more range than 1 fully charged battery and can't afford to stop. However, in these cases I imagine they need re-charged at random times and areas where there may not be swapping station.